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Indoor Blinds

Our indoor blinds comprise the Nile, Levuvhu, Tugela, Limpopo, Delta and Letaba ranges.
Please contact us for a quotation based on your sizes. We make to measure. As showcased below:

Nile Range

Nile Natural, the classic outdoor blind, is just as home indoors. These blinds are insulating and have a high degre of light protection although they are not blockout.

Nile Natural

Nile Honey

Nile Chocolate

Levhuvhu Range

Natural, honey, bone – reeds in an open grass weave. Highly decorative, allowing a view through to the outside. Natural still has the bark on so you can use it in humid areas.

Levhuvhu Natural

Levhuvhu Bone

Levhuvhu Honey

Tugela Range

Natural, Honey and Bone: reeds woven more closely together with twine: full of character, light filtering. Mahogany also available – not pictured below.

Tugela Natural

Tugela Honey

Tugela Mahogany

Sabie, Delta & Okavango

Sabie Honey



Limpopo Range

Limpopo – a fine and lightweight bulrush grass which weaves up into a fabulous blind – compact, neat and the most light blocking of them all. Delta is light filtering.

Limpopo Natural

Limpopo Khaki

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